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Keywan Grashoff - sculpture, plastic, photography, photomontage


Keywan Grashoff held exhibitions in the following cities and was also given two prizes in Bremen and Trier.

Kunstsalon Berlin
International Groupexhibition in Skulpturengarten Sonnenwald Grattersfeld
Tease art Fair #4, Kunstmesse 2010 Köln
August 2009
Kunstmuseum Bossard, Jesteburg bei Hamburg
09/08/07 - 09/10/04
Art-Figura, Schlossmuseum Schwarzenberg
(Group exhibition, „Contemporary art“and „Wood in tunnel“)
March 2009
Art fair Hanse-Art Hamburg in Lübeck
February 2009
Art fair Impulse International Art fair, Osnabrück
Art fair Hanse-Art Hamburg, Oldenburg
2004 & 2006
Galerie Mensch, Hamburg
Internationales Skulpturenland Reitbroock, Hamburg
(group exhibition)
since 2004
various exhibitions in the own atelier
Opening of the own atelier, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Landesverband für deutsche Staatsbürgerinnen, Berlin
Commerzbank, Bremen
2000 & 2002
Alte Molkerei, Worpswede

At this relevant cross-roads of her inclinations, medicine on one side, art on the other one, it becomes obvious that the big company's worldwide expertise has so far been hardly perceived and it does not distinguish as a mere intentional expectation for further foreseeable activities a stuttering second or even third attempt to exhaust the practice.